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Where To Place Adsense Ad For More Earning...........


AdSense is a great way to earn extra money through advertising on your web page. Knowing the two best spots on your site that will act as the best placement for your ad blocks is a huge key to increasing your earnings.

Under Your Main Heading

When a person clicks onto your web site, the first thing they see is the heading on your home page. This makes the spot right underneath the heading the best placement for your AdSense blocks.

You want your ad blocks to be instantly visible and attractive to the people who visit your site. One of the great things about AdSense is that they make their ads directly relevant to the content of your website. As soon as your viewers are hooked in by your super cool heading, they will naturally look below it to the ad block. The fact that the AdSense ads are relevant will greatly increase the chances that your viewers will click onto one of the ads and generate advertising revenue for you.

After Key Text

Whether your blog is a music review hotspot or an insurance brokerage, you are likely to have blocks of text on your site. Aside from below the heading, the best placement for your AdSense blocks is right below key text on your site. The ad blocks can be either image banners or text, and if you place a text AdSense block right after the text on your page, your viewers are likely to consider the ads part of your website and are likely to click the ad link to discover addition information pertaining to the text they just read. Cool!

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