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How to increase website ranking???


I cannot believe that we are in the most advanced and elaborated country the human specie has ever been able to develop. Certain American websites and published articles inculcate unreal facts in the topic of website top rankings. Those websites and articles ~ some of which are published at EzineArticles ~ lead the little guy to believe that his website top rankings is a matter of 1, 2, 3... abracadabra... and his website is at the top.

No, there is much more to gain top rankings for a website.

In the XXI century, Search Engines are more elaborated than most website owners imagine. They are well developed and intelligent. However, if it were true that it is a simple 1, 2, 3... abracadabra... then, thousands of web pages at the same time and for the same keyword would have a #1 ranking.

To gain solid and long lasting website top rankings involves work. A professional service should charge several thousands of dollars to do it all. It has been my experience that a website owner stands better chances to succeed than a costly professional service. He needs, however, someone to take him by his hand and show him the way.

The crucial ingredients to achieve solid and long lasting website top rankings are:

1. Someone to tell the owner the tactics and techniques Search Engines approve.
2. Passion to achieve.
3. Patience to do it gradually.
4. Long-term commitment.

The following represents the first most important issue to comprehend.

Imagine that I build a new home the way I want it, I paint it inside and out, and I then decorate it and install the furniture. Later on, I call an Electrician and a Plumber. I tell the guys that I want the electrical installation and to install all pipes as well as appliances.

Would you say that it is too late? Of course it is. The electrical and plumbing systems MUST be planned and executed in advance. It would be a nightmare to add them after the house is finished.

In a case similar to my imaginary house, a website owner builds his website in a way he likes. Then, he wants top rankings for it. Wrong! After a website was built, the ONLY action that can be taken with web pages not built with Search Engines in mind is "to patch them up". Search Engines do not place at the top of rankings patched up web pages when they have the option of placing at the top fully optimized web pages.

There is an efficient way to deal with web pages not built with Search Engines in mind; and that way is to not waste time, efforts, and money optimizing existing web pages. The most efficient way is to acquire valid knowledge on how to build from the ground up web pages that Search Engines eat like candy. Those web pages are added, and they will generate top rankings for a website.

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