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Backlink Building For More Traffic......

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You may have been told that the key component in boosting traffic and visibility to your website is through an effective linking campaign. This is a very valid point, but you may be asking yourself what this means to the average small business owner.

What is linking?
Linking is when one website creates a connection to a second website through directing their visitors to a page within the second site. This is most commonly accomplished through hyper linking.

Why is this important?
The search engines look more favorably upon sites that have a longer presence on the internet. Larger sites with large amounts of traffic or those that have been established for a number of years are often referred to as authority sites. The search engines will many times look at the sites linking to these more established properties and deem them as having more value on their own as well.

When executing a successful linking campaign it is important that careful research is done so that you do not link your own site with a site that may not be seen favorably by the search engines. Linking your site to other sites that are seen as valuable will also help to boost the value of your site. This could ultimately lead to higher rankings.

This chain of linked sites will benefit from one another through gains in ranking and traffic, unfortunately if not executed properly this can create a far different effect. Linking your website to sites with questionable content and linking practices can be disastrous for your website. When the search engine decides to ban or blacklist the unfavorable site, the websites that are linking to that site can suffer loss of rank, traffic or even worse your site could disappear from the search engines completely.

How Can I Safely Gain Links?
Some of the best ways to safely establish links with high-ranking websites include, article submission, directory submission, and submitting content to social media and news platforms. Many of these sites are looked at as being authority sites or favorable by the search engines.

By choosing some of these methods you know that the chances of your site being subject to penalties are far slimmer. Another way to make sure you are practicing safe linking is to let a professional guide you, an effective linking campaign planned and executed by an SEO professional will guarantee you get the results that are the most profitable for your website.

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