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Make Money Blogging Ideas...


Blogging is a platform for people to discuss personal things and share ideas, pictures, opinions and information with other internet surfers who have the same interest. However, it is not the only thing you can do with the blogs. Instead, you can make money with blogging. Many people are making money online with blogging; some of them even earn their livings solely from their blogs. There are many ways for blogger to make money and we will discuss a few of the common ways used by bloggers to generate income online.

Make Money Blogging #1: Affiliate Marketing

Bloggers can earn money through affiliate marketing. When you sign up with an affiliate program, you will be given a unique affiliate link that you can use to promote your selected affiliate products, if any sale made, you earn the commission.

Affiliate marketing is one of popular option for bloggers to earn money from internet. There are various affiliate products available for different types of niche market. You just need to find the products that are related to your blog and promote them through your affiliate link. Whenever there is sale made through the link, you earn the commission.

Make Money Blogging #2: Pay-per-click Ads

Bloggers can also generate income from pay-per-click advertisements provided by the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. It is simple and easy to apply an account and then integrate a simple code to the blog's template. The contextual ads that are related to the blog themes will automatically generate and deliver to the blog. Whenever, the visitors click on the ads, bloggers will earn the money which may range from a penny to a few dollars per click.

Make Money Blogging #3: Product Reviews

Many merchants are looking for bloggers to review their products. A blogger can make money by just providing reviews on these products. You can search for merchants who are looking for bloggers to review their products individually from the internet, or to make think simple, you can just register at portals that link both merchants and reviewers, then looking for merchants that match your blog content. Depending on the blog popularity, you may earn from $25 to $200 per review for average blogs, to a few thousands per review for famous high traffic blogs.

Make Money Blogging #4: Memberships

Membership is a way to generate repeated income online. But, it is not practical to charge visitors to view a blog unless the blog is very famous and wanted on the internet. Then, how bloggers generate money from memberships?

Generally, bloggers who earn money by charging membership fee do have a membership website. They use their blog to generate traffic and monetize their visitors before they channel the traffic to their membership website. By integrating a membership website with blogs that work as the gate to a membership site will increase the conversion rate from visitors to members that help bloggers to make repeated income online.

Make Money Blogging : 3 Important tips..........


One thing for sure is that having a good blog income does not take extreme marketing strategies. Just the basic ones will do and ensuring that you do all the tasks needed with consistency.

Many people are disillusioned by the fact that earning an income via blogs are easy and therefore some cunning marketing skills is all it takes. I'm going to spell out the actual steps you should take in order to succeed.

Step 1: Getting To Know Your Audience

When you first setup your blog, you would have already known that there will be visitors coming to your blog to have a read. Gradually, overtime you will know that some of these readers stay and some don't.

Those that normally stay have some valuable information with them such as what they like to view and what they don't like. You can easily tap this stream of information by asking them personally what they like most and post more of that.

Step 2: Not Being Apologetic About Your Topics

Whatever you are posting a promotion or just a normal opinion about some item on your particular topic, don't ever be apologetic. You can say sorry if you really offended someone out of anger but unless otherwise, don't do it.

This is because standing on your own values will truly set you apart from the crowd and people appreciate that. It gives your blog the credibility to be able to believe in whatever you are selling strongly and at a permanent confidence level of trust.

Step 3: Spice Up Your Blog

Once in awhile you do need to spice up your blog be it in terms of its overall face lift or just plain content updates. You can even add widgets or gadgets to your blog to keep your regular readers save time and know whats going on in an instant.

Of course, there is always room for improvement but in Internet time, 3 months is something like a years worth of human reality time so update frequently and give your blog a fresh look. It will keep regular visitors intrigued and new ones astonished by the freshness of your blog.

The Beginning Of Your Journey

In every new chapter of your adventure in gaining blog income, it is in fact a journey which you will feel that challenges are around every corner. Though in this age of modern technology and the speed of Giga's you can get almost every kind of service imaginable if you hunt for it.

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Where To Place Adsense Ad For More Earning...........


AdSense is a great way to earn extra money through advertising on your web page. Knowing the two best spots on your site that will act as the best placement for your ad blocks is a huge key to increasing your earnings.

Under Your Main Heading

When a person clicks onto your web site, the first thing they see is the heading on your home page. This makes the spot right underneath the heading the best placement for your AdSense blocks.

You want your ad blocks to be instantly visible and attractive to the people who visit your site. One of the great things about AdSense is that they make their ads directly relevant to the content of your website. As soon as your viewers are hooked in by your super cool heading, they will naturally look below it to the ad block. The fact that the AdSense ads are relevant will greatly increase the chances that your viewers will click onto one of the ads and generate advertising revenue for you.

After Key Text

Whether your blog is a music review hotspot or an insurance brokerage, you are likely to have blocks of text on your site. Aside from below the heading, the best placement for your AdSense blocks is right below key text on your site. The ad blocks can be either image banners or text, and if you place a text AdSense block right after the text on your page, your viewers are likely to consider the ads part of your website and are likely to click the ad link to discover addition information pertaining to the text they just read. Cool!

Are You Newbie On Internet?


Being a Newbie isn't easy in any walk of life and perhaps being an Internet Newbie is even harder. When you start any new job, you will probably be working with strangers, but in a very short time, you will get to know these people and life at your new job will become easier.

The Internet, however, is a different proposition.

If you are anything like me, your computer is located in a spare room, (the one you never quite finished decorating), and you have a desk and chair jammed in between the radiator and a box of "stuff" that you haven't unpacked since you moved in.

With a regular job, there is usually someone to talk to about any problems you may be having and they can soon be resolved. Working at home on-line is somewhat different. I could talk to my wife until Thursday of next week about the problem I'm having with my FTP client, or the amount of spam I receive, and the conversation would clear the top of her lovely head by a country mile. She is not unintelligent, just not interested in what I do and how I do it.

Working on-line from home brings its own set of problems and frustrations and they are every bit as real and difficult to overcome as any at a workplace.

When you realise that you may have wasted the previous two hours setting up "file A" in "program B" to get result "C" and all you get is "D", life can suck.

The trick to getting answers to these types of problems lies in finding a group of like-minded people who are involved in a project similar to yours -- and to spill your guts out to them. I'm talking about Forums. When you find a forum you are interested in, it's a bit like finding a rest stop on the motorway (freeway). It becomes a place to go to chill out and relax, catch up on recent events and learn from people who have gone through the same things as you.

To find a forum, just type your particular area of interest plus "forums" into Google or any other search engine. For example, to find a forum on "Model aircraft" just enter "Model aircraft forums" and wait for the list. Browse through the forums and find one where the posts that people put up are answered by one or more people. After a few of these, you will get a feeling for the helpfulness of the forum members. Most forums welcome new subscribers or even just casual visitors and, providing you follow the rules (usually in the "sticky" entries), you may well find a happy place to retreat to when it all becomes too much.

Some Tips to make serious money online.............


With the Global market turning worse each day, it is high time to look for alternative sources of income. As there are many job cuts around us, it is not wise to search for better employment opportunities in the big firms. So the only opportunity to earn money is to start your own business. You will be well aware of the fact that starting your own business is not an easy task to accomplish. In these nosedived economic conditions, the setup costs for any business will be out of reach to most of them out there. Thankfully there is an own business opportunity that comes with very little or nil setup costs. This opportunity is nothing but the online businesses available out there. People have a misconception that it is very easy to make money online. The true fact is that unless you are in the right track of online business, it will be an uphill task to make money online.

Avoiding The Online Scams

When it comes to the opportunities to make money online, there is no scarcity for the online scams. In fact, the scammers are taking advantage of the situation and many people out there fall for their false promises. There is nothing to wonder even if you, reading this article is a victim of the online money making scams. Always remember the fact that anything that is hard to believe doesn't really exist. Even though it is easy to make money online, you have to do a lot of hard work to succeed in your online business. So most of the instant get rich programs are scams where you can lose your hard earned money and precious time.

How To Find Genuine Opportunities To Make Money Online?

Instead of searching for the opportunities to make money online, it is wise to search for some information were you can get ideas to start your own online business. Searching for information is not a big deal in the Internet which is known as the world's largest library. There are thousands of sources where you can find information and guides to launch your own business to make money online. To the added advantage, there are some successful online businessmen who share their knowledge to help other succeed in their lives. Though such kinds of guides are not widely spread, you can spot a few success stories if you search online. For example, let's consider the eBook available out there written by Stephen Pierce, one of the successful online businessman. This eBook can be used as a guide or reference or case study for starting on online business.

Experience Counts

Experience is the main factor that counts in making money online successfully. Hence it is always better to hear what the experienced online businessmen say before you start your own business to make money online.

5 Reasons Which Make Paid Surveys A Favorite Part Time Job!


The online paid surveys are proving to be the best part time job option for a large number of people from every part of the world. The survey taking job is different from other internet based work assignments as they are simpler. You do not require possessing the high end technical skills to become eligible for taking up internet based surveys. There are sufficient reasons that make paid surveys as the favorite part time job option and some of the reasons are depicted here.

1. Easy Enrollment
You can easily engage in this business by enrolling yourself at any genuine survey taking site. The process is simple as you need to just sign up for the job. Depending upon your profile, the survey work is allocated to you.

2. Flexible Timing
The paid surveys are internet based and are available online, round the clock. The companies assigning you the particular survey gives you enough time to complete the job but not advise you to avoid working at night. So, you can take up the job as per your convenience but ensure to complete it within stipulated delivery time.

3. Good Second Income
The online paid surveys are done at a cost. Depending upon your experience, you are paid for doing surveys. There are lots of legitimate survey sites that pay very well for the efforts you put in but some sites pay substantially low. With the initial learning, you can differentiate between such sites easily. In any case, you expect to earn some decent money online.

4. Plentiful Online Tips
As you start participating in the online surveys, you will learn that there are lots of tips and hints available in the online discussion forums, blogs and user groups. These tips are often posted by the experienced people and are of great help to the new candidate.

5. Work Satisfaction
At times these jobs demand lot of commitment but when you meet those, you get great amount of satisfaction. The type of survey you are awarded also makes the work full of fun.

These are the some facts that make the online paid surveys as the excellent part time job providing good alternative earning.

Check out the Free Top 7 List of Paid Survey Sites that have high paying, Legitimate Surveys, each paying $10-$75 for a single survey done.

Paid Online Surveys - Are They Really a Way to Make Money?


Taking paid surveys is often promoted as a viable way to make money online. Ads promising up to $250 per hour for participating in surveys are marketed toward stay-at-home moms, students, senior citizens... anyone looking for an easy extra income. But, is it really that easy to make money taking surveys online? Can someone actually expect to earn that much simply by completing online surveys?

The ads promising you a large payout are generally created by organizations that have developed a large database of information about survey companies. These associations charge you a one-time membership fee in return for giving you access to the data they have collected. So the question becomes, is it worth it to pay for this knowledge?

In my opinion, a membership in a reputable survey information database is well worth the relatively small one-time fee. These organizations can provide you with the inside scoop on each market research firm and all surveys they offer. This will save you countless hours of research -- hours you can spend much more productively by filling out actual money-making surveys.

So, what about the rewards offered for taking paid online surveys? Is it realistic to expect to earn $250 an hour doing this? In my experience, opportunities to earn $250 for a survey are few and far between. While I actually HAVE seen payouts this large, they have been for ongoing studies, not short online questionnaires.

For example, my brother (also a market research participant) was paid $300 to keep track of each and every time he ate any type of potato chip snack during the month of February. He was required to log the date, time, brand, type, and amount he consumed. From my viewpoint, that's not really much work for $300, and it probably didn't take much more than an hour of elapsed time during that month, but it's still not quite the same as sitting down to perform a task for a solid hour and earning that kind of money.

In general, depending on the complexity of the survey and the amount of time it is projected to take, you can expect to earn around $5-$25 for an average online survey. Instead of (or in addition to) cash, some companies will also reward you with points that can be accumulated and redeemed for cash, gift cards, or merchandise. This is where your membership in a survey information database becomes very useful; good databases will allow you to sort or filter survey opportunities by the type of reward offered. This way, if you are only interested in earning actual cash, you can quickly and easily eliminate other types of payment from your consideration.

So when all is said and done, I think we have to conclude that making money with paid online surveys is a reasonable endeavor. Like any other business opportunity, you will get the best results if you start with a bit of research and allow yourself time to learn the approach that will work best for you, but it has the potential to deliver very good results

Make Money Online : Get Paid To Write Article..........


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Share ideas and stories with other like minded people while having fun doing it. Make friends along the way.

Get Paid to Read Emails from 5 Companies............


Have you been searching for a easy way to earn cash online that really works?
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Email = $$

By joining for free you will get paid by advertisers to read emails each day. It only takes a few minutes to read the emails too. Only expect about 5 emails a day.

Each company allows you to sign up to receive email from advertisers in topics you are interested in and get paid up to a Dime or 10 cents for each one!

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Post Title Plays Vital Role To Increase Blog Traffic........

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In Make Money Blogging sphere, we need 3 simple things : Traffic,Traffic and Traffic ! Search Engine traffic is very important for a blog like me. In order to make money blogging, I work hard for SEO to get into a first page of all searching with my keyword. There are a few of keyword optimization tips out there, but in this entry, I only cover one simple tip to get search engine traffic.

Other than choosing the right keyword, you may also need to do well in on page optimization. So here is another tip to improve your search engine ranking.

1) Through your Post Title :-Search Engine- Everytime I write an blog entry, I finish my blog entry, I re-read and get a post title for my entry. To get your post title, you have to think what keyword you have to optimize in your post title so that people can easily search for it.

You can simply check all my post title, that’s the keyword i would like to optimize, that’s the keyword i want people to search for. If you are good in titling your blog entry, you are good in Make Money Blogging too!

Quick Tips Before You Get Into Earning Money Online


This article is going to be more for the beginners, but anyone is more than welcome to read.

The toughest thing when first starting off, is finding the right information. Anyone who tells you that you will be making 5k in a few days, weeks or even a few months is either trying to sell you something or has something to gain from it. If you want to make money online you will have to put in a lot of time & effort because it is not easy.

Residual Income Is The Best Income....

Sure you can make a few bucks feeling out surveys and get paid to fill out offers. But when you look at the time you spend doing it and how much money you are making you quickly realize that it is not something that could replace your day job.

My Recommendation....

If you are in it for the long haul, than definitely stay away from feeling out surveys, instead use your time more wisely and learn search engine optimization. Making money with SEO takes more time, but the rewards are much better.

Did you make it this far? Great, most people will not read this sentence, and those that didn't are probably the ones that won't be successful online. For those that did, thank you. I will be adding more articles soon that will help you with Internet Marketing.

Some tips that google adword beginner must follow.........


There are both free and If you're new on using Google Adwords to generate targeted traffic and make money online, here are four tips for you to make your AdWords campaign effective:

1) Make the Most out of Keyword Research Tools

If you're new on using Google Adwords to generate targeted traffic and make money online, here are four tips for you to make your AdWords campaign effective:

1) Make the Most out of Keyword Research Tools

There are both free and paid tools you can use to help you find the most profitable keywords within your niche. As a beginner, it is recommended for you to settle for free ones and then go for the more extensive paid tools once your campaign becomes more profitable.

2) Always Group Similar Keywords

Never combine different keywords into one advertisement group. You need to make sure that all keywords within one ad group are similar. For example, "how to make money blogging" and "make money blogging" should be grouped together but "blog profits" should not be placed in the same group. Grouping your ads properly is crucial to your Google Adwords success.

3) Include Keywords in your Copy

The most profitable keywords you find through keyword research tools should be included in your copy. Just be sure that you use the right keywords in your copy for each ad group that you have. Although your ad will surely appear in whatever search results you've paid for, making use of the keywords in your ad will allow for lower CPC and a higher advertisement position. Your ad will also be more visible as keywords in searches are displayed in bold.

4) Set your Daily Budget

Make sure you set your daily budget to a reasonable amount. Don't set it too high that you may end up overspending. Don't set it too low either as you may not achieve ideal results. Keep in mind that you are still experimenting at this stage. Once you find the most profitable strategies for your own Google Adwords campaign, you can start slowly increasing your daily budget.

These are four tips you need to keep in mind when starting out with Google Adwords. Follow them and you won't have to put up with the costs of trial and error as you can immediately achieve success will Google Adwords.

Very New Money Making Program : Logical Media


A latest money making program that can help your website generates more whether you just started or have worked some time on web marketing is the Logical Media. Logical Media is one of the newest cost-per-action (CPA) affiliate networks. In case you aren't familiar with CPA affiliate network, here's a brief explanation:

CPA affiliate network is the network that pays webmasters and bloggers for directing visitors to the merchant sites that completed a pre-specified action. The action needed to be taken by the visitors is usually simple. It can be filling out a form with the visitors’ personal details, submitting a zip code or an email address and some other possibilities.

Since CPA affiliate marketing
involves almost no selling at all, it is easier to make money comparing to other types of affiliate networks which only will reward you every time you refer a sale for them.

More about Logical Media
Logical Media has been a fast growing
affiliate network. It is opened to anyone wanting to make money with CPA offers. Joining Logical Media is totally free and you will get $25 as a bonus right after you signed up successfully.

You will find a lot of interesting CPA offers that you can promote on your site. Most of the offers are free samples and free gifts. So, you can expect to have high conversion rate since you are directing your web visitors to sign up for free stuff that they are probably interested. Each qualified sign up can earn you between $0.10 to $25 depending on what type of CPA offer you are promoting to your visitors.

Logical Media also has special offers released regularly. These offers were performing very well. Definitely you want to take advantage on these offers to make the most out of the network.

What’s the Minimum Payout
$100 is the minimum earning you have to achieve to qualify for payment. It may seem to be a little high but don’t forget that they will credit $25 into your account during the time you join the network which will help you reach your payout faster. Logical Media pays publishers on a bid-weekly basis. So, you don’t have to wait too long for payment once you reached the minimum payout.

An Extra Way to Make Money from Logical Media
Logical Media does have a referral program where publishers can participate to refer new website owners to join and earn 5% from all the commission generated by the new members they referred. If you’re interested to help them grow their network of publishers, this referral program is for you. You will earn referral commission while seeing their network expands.

Get Started and Make Money Online with Logical Media Now

Making Money Online With Website designing...


As the years passed by, website designing, its definition and its presentation all have substantial changed. There are several new software like flash, 3D and Photoshop that had been developed and new technologies, such as broadband, to stay as a backup of these software are emerged. In contrast, people have altered the way of screening online information. So the life of the website designing brings along with it a hope of contact with content data and present web designs are all become an element of web designer’s work. Anyhow the basics principles of any website design are yet remain the same. Further it is usual; a website has to be easy to use and should have the capability to keep a viewer to remain enthusiastic to your website as long as necessary. On the other hand, a website designing could be favor you more than your pastime and interest.

There are few best approaches that one could accept if looking to
make money online by websites. You can preferably focus on a few websites that could get you reasonable income or one solitary website, which can act as your "bread and butter". Actually, whichever technique you choose it certain to make money. For a novice that trying to make money online by website designing can also be a little irresistible, however if in progress and stay focused then no one can stop your cash flow. So one of the most excellent examples, which could be given is to get started your own auction website design.

When it comes to auction website design, the initial thing could come to anybody’s mind is the auction site called eBay. But why do people admire eBay? The answer is actually simple, it is because of the profession website designed and easy to use and it does not require a rocket scientist to navigate the pages. Today, eBay auction website stands out of other websites and stay the most reliable internet resource for getting what you desire. So here the final point is to come up with your own auction website design like how eBay did and permit users to purchase and sell products through your site. You have to be a foundation for what people wish to purchase and sell.

Get Paid To Search : Make Some Extra Money......


1.HomePages Friends - myhpf.co.uk

HomePages Friends (previously known as My Search Funds) is a paid search engine site which uses Yahoo. Once you sign up with them, you will get paid £0.01 (or $0.02 USD) for every search you do using Yahoo. You can potentially earn more if you introduce users to the site since you will get paid a commission of their earnings, this works exponentially up to 3 levels.

They have a calculator for determining how much you can earn here. Currently, there is a cap of 100 searches a day. HomePages Friends splits it's earnings with the users 50/50. Out of all the paid search engines, this has the highest payout but it only works if you search with Yahoo.

2.Scour - scour.com

Scour is another paid search engine which launched in July. The site allows users to enter a search term and it will display Google, Yahoo and MSN results on one page. This is pretty handy if you're looking for something specific and the best thing is you can get paid to search on all three search engines. Users also get paid by commenting and voting on search results. It tallies up your payment on a points system with 26 points equalling $0.01.

The disadvantage is that it has a low pay rate at $0.01.

Get Paid To Post Forums : Surely gonna make you money.....


There are so many reasons why you should browse through forum boards and start posting what you can contribute to those forums’ content. Aside from the wide variety of information that you can get from these forums, you can make money from them, too.

Here are four get-paid-to-post forums that can get you started on making money online just by sharing some bits of advice or asking.

1. MyLot.com

Mylot Get Paid to Post on Forums Program

There have been various reports of myLot users spending hours of their time on myLot enjoying the posts that are found in the site. It can be so addicting because of the useful and functional information one can get just by reading from the posts that have been distributed by users all over the world. As a member of this forum board, one can join the last discussions on blog postings and current news that are tailored specifically to their interests as well as their personal experiences. But the best part of it all is that they can make money just by contributing. The referral program of this get-paid-to-post opportunity is what keeps the users more revved up in participating.

2. TalkOnLinePoker.com


The domain name of this site is a give-away. Here, users talk everything about poker. Therefore poker enthusiasts can earn just by contributing to this site. As a guest, you can view the board to get information. As a user, you can earn money just by posting anything about poker.

You get 5 cents for each post. Once you contributed 200 posts, you get an account of $10. Once you get to 500 posts, you earn 10 cents for every posts.

3. PaidForum.Net


Click Here

5. PaidPosting.Net

PaidPosting Make Money Posting on Forums

This is a service that offers paid posting jobs from their clients with forums requiring posts. Apply here.

2 Legitimate Online Companies You can Work with to Make Money at Home


I have read about Hirepoint.com and Customloyal.com in a forum. They are 2 legitimate online companies that provides home-based opportunities to people who want to make money online or at home. I'm not affiliated with any of these companies, just want to introduce them to you and hopefully they can help you make money.

Althought the site address is Hirepoint.com but the company name actually is TeleTech Holding. It is a global company providing business process outsource services and work at home opportunities. The work at home job opportunities of TeleTech are available to people in US, UK and Australia. To work with Teletech, you first need to apply to become their accociate and then go through several selection processes before you're hired. There is no fee to apply. To learn more please go to http://www.hirepoint.com/index.html.

Custom Loyal Concepts
There has been many people working with Custom Loyal Concepts (CLC) as a call employee. CLC services newspaper subsribers in many different areas. As a call employee, you'll be making outbound call to CLC existing newspaper subscribers. It is not a cold calling. The pay starts at $7.00 per hour. All the positions are for US resident in 26 states only. There are minimum requirements to become a call employee of CLC. If you are interested, please click here for more details and find out the steps you need to take to apply for a post.

Importance Of Original Article For " Money Making Online "........


Well after a long net surfing and research about money making online today 2009-july-08 i am able to write this article my self. I don't know this article will decrease my visitors or not but from today i am sure that like before you will not get the article that is already published on other site or blogs. Today i got the idea that copy/paste articles did not increase our traffic only increase our article no. and money from blog is made through visitors not through articles. If you are serious about making money online then you have to do something of yours own capability not of others. So if you are serious about online earning then you have to be serious on these things also. This much for today. If you want to be well updated about making money online revisiting this blog gonna surely help you. Hope to see you in next article. Till then take care. Have a great time.

Why And How To Optimized By Search Engines?


What is the purpose of optimizing blogs for search engines? Many bloggers overlook the importance of optimizing blogs for search engines. The point of blogging is usually to gain readers and have others read your opinions on various issues on life. Some bloggers who blog to make money or promote their business main goal is to gain more traffic. Both of these blogging needs requires the optimizing of their blog for search engines. Some call this process SEO or search engine optimization. This process is the same that you normally go through with a business or personal website only it is a blog that you are now attempting to optimize. The whole process of optimization is vital to bring in new traffic to your blog and present you in major search engines. This makes it easy for users or readers to search and find your blog. If you want to gain a large group of readers and customers than you must optimize your blog for search engines the same way you would a personal or business website. Optimization is the key to a successful online website and the traffic you need. Without the optimizing of blogs for search engines your blog will never be seen or read. What is the purpose of a blog with no one to read it.

What exactly is the process of optimizing blogs for search engines? The process of optimizing blogs for search engines involves the magic word keywords. The proper keywords must be placed or embedded into the blog. Majority of blogs have this handy option called tags sometimes keywords at the bottom of each blog post or entry. The key words or key phrases that you place into this box is vital. It must be the best possible keywords for optimization of the blog. You can start this process by searching online for a free keyword search engine optimization tool. This tool will generate free keywords that will properly optimize your keyword search box aiding in the process of optimizing your blog for search engines. Keywords are the key factors to get your blog crawled by the spiders to obtain the proper rank in most of the major search engines. Without the proper keywords it is nearly impossible to have optimization for your blog. Once you have the proper keywords they should be embedded into your blog and into your title. This is very important. The title and keywords in your blog should all be the best possible phrases to obtain optimization. The next step in the process of optimizing blogs for search engines is to clean up your blog or blog page. There should not be a lot of html graphics or clutter. Your blog should be clear and easy to understand. Clutter filled blogs are often overlooked when it comes time for spiders to crawl. You should ensure that your blog has nothing but quality content and nothing is confusing in your blog. It will give you better chances of total optimization. Once that is completed simply add your blog to as many search engines as possible.

Some Blogging Tips...........


There are lots of blogging sites and resources on the Internet. That are millions of websites and blogs on the web about the topic you are interested in, so if you wish to compete with them you will need to know how to create a blog that will attract traffic.

You don't have to be a professional website designer to be able to create a blogging site. Many of the individuals who have their own blogs just focus on a topic that interests them. By having your own blogging site you will be able to communicate with individuals who have similar interests as you.

By learning how to create a blog site, it will be much simpler to market not only yourself, but your products as well, providing you have a product that people are interested in.

Creating your own personal blog site will mean your have a space on the Internet to make comments on posts on anything that you find interesting.

It would probably be better for your blogging site to focus on a variety of topics you have a lot of knowledge in. Also if you're thinking about making some money from blogging you will require multiple sites covering different topics.

To have good blogging sites, you really will need to create some great topics. There are a great many people who are interested in reading and getting involved in blogging. By making your blogs interesting and fun, with lots of articles and knowledge you will attract lots of visitors.

It would also be a good idea to check out your target audience and what they are interested in reading about. You will find most successful blogging sites are putting this into practice.

You could begin adding Google adsense to your blogging sites. Using Google adsense on your blogs could earn you quite a lot of money.

If you decide to upgrade any of your blogs all you will need to do is change the theme, there are some great Wordpress Theme clubs that offer professional themes at reasonable prices, one site worth checking out is beeonline.net.

To add Adsense to your Wordpress blogging sites all you need to do is use a plugin, it's that simple.

So all your blogging site needs is a simple, clean, and cool theme that is easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye, plus lots of great content.

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How To Increase Google Page Rank?


Google Page rank is based on back links. Back links are Links pointing to your website from another website. The more back links you have the higher your PR will be. Here are 5 tips which will surely help you to icrease your page rank as well as traffic.

1. Join forums, forums are a great way to achieve links to your website. In most forums you are allowed to have a signature and in your signature you can put a link to your website. But another important note to look on is making sure the forum is somewhat related to your website. You will still get credit if it's not, but if it's related to your website than you will be accomplishing two tasks at once.

You will be advertising for your website (bringing in targeted traffic) You will also be building your websites presence.

Your websites presence is very important to your survival. The more people see, or hear about your website the more credibility you will have and this increases your chances of having these visitors come back and possibly become leads.

2. Submit to search engine directories. Search engine directories are a good way to get a free link to your website. They also increase your chances at being listed higher on popular search engines like Google, and overture.

Most search engine directories allow you to submit to their website for free. This will allow you to increase your web presence by being listed on another search engine, and it will also be a free link.

Remember the more links you have the higher your PR will be

3. Using ezine ads (or newsletters). Creating an ezine will probably be the most beneficial step you can take to increasing your web presence. When you create an ezine you will be able to keep visitors coming back to your website for more by using signatures and giving special deals.

Ezine's will also allow you to increase your back links. By creating an ezine you can submit your information about your ezine to an ezine directory. This directory will than link to your website(thus giving you a free link).

4. Creating and publishing articles. Articles are an easy source of generating new traffic. You can include your signature in your article. This will bring in more traffic from article submission directories.

Your signature usually consists of 4 to 8 lines. Usually the first line would be the title of the website that you are trying to advertise. The last line would be the link to the website and the lines in between these would be a sales pitch to draw your viewers into your website.

5. Links from related websites. Gaining links from related websites can be one of the most frustrating tasks you can attempt.

They are very easy to find, but can be somewhat difficult to obtain links from.

Money Making Opportunities From Home........


Bitwine believes every person has his/her own talent and experience that can be shared with others. They offer a chance to anyone to become an online advisors. As an advisor of Bitwine, you can offer your knowledge, experience, and guidance to people who need help. There is no charge to become an advisor and you will earn money for each person you help in Bitwine.

Pay per post websites are getting more and more. This probably is a good news to new bloggers as these sites allow them to make some extra money easily and get motivated to grow their blog. Snapbomb is the newest pay per post site I came across recently. And I don't find any specific rule in Snapbomb that states what type of blog can participate in Snapbomb pay per post program, so I guess may be a new blog lesser than 3 months old can be used for signing up with Snapbomb and make money writing sponsor posts.

5 Advantages Of Adding Forum To Your Website Or Blogs.....


1. The forum will be used as a tool to communicate with your visitors frequently and closely. You could use the forum to start an online class, provide free tutorial and tips, and respond to your visitors inquiries. This way, your visitors will begin to trust you and as a result these visitors may start trying your products or services and you make more profit.

2. If your forum has become a popular place for discussion of a niche topic, then many people will often come back to your site’s forum and participate on discussions. You’ll gain a steady stream of free massive traffic. With this steady traffic, you can have an additional income stream by displaying pay-per-click ads like Google AdSense and YPN or selling advertising space.

3. You understand more about your visitors by reading the conversations and discussions between them. Your visitors may talk about your products, services and website. Studying these information and feedbacks can help you market your products or services more effectively.

4. You could open a section in the forum to provide after sale support to your customers. By answering your customer questions in a friendly manner, you’ll increase your customer satisfaction. Also your customers might get the answers of their questions immediately by reading other previous inquiries by other customers in the forum. This will give you and your business more credibility. And your satisfied customers will recommend your products or services to their friends.

5. The forum enables you to network with other businesses and exchange business tips, ideas, strategies, advertising, etc.

Follow These 8 Tips To Get Visitors Return Back......


You have spend a lot of energy and time to drive targeted visitors to your website. And as a result, you get a good amount of website's visitors daily. But later you discover that most of the visitors don't come back to your website and then you are thinking about how to attract visitors return to your website often.

If you are selling something, each visitor to your site is a potential customer. They don't buy on their first visit but they might decide to buy from you on their second or third visits. If you are monetize your website or blog with AdSense, CPA ads, CPM ads or affiliate programs; getting a good percentage of returned visitors will definitely help maintaining and increasing your traffic level and your website revenue.

So how to make sure many of your visitors come back to your site time and time again? Here are some of things you can do:

1) Add new and fresh content to your site frequently. You can have a section on your home page like 'What's New', 'What's Top' or 'What's Hot' section and update this section on a daily basis. This give your targeted visitors a reason to visit your site again.

2) Offer freebies. You can create a section in your website to allow your targeted visitors to download free e-books, reports, tools and software they are interested in.

3) Add a Community forum to your website. Many website visitors like communication and discussion. You forum can be a place for visitors to come back often to participate in discussion and search for new info.

4) Install an article directory to your website to publish the latest articles of your niche. People who like to read may return to your site to find new articles.

5) Create a classified section to let visitors to post free ads. This can be a way to maintain your traffic level.

6) Optimize your website or template for faster speed of navigation. Many people don't like to wait too long for a website to load up. So the faster you can make your pages load up, the better chance your visitor will stay on your website and also return.

7) Offer free entertainment. You can add games, interesting video and audio to your website. To keep your visitors return often, you need to update your games (add new game), video and audio content on a regular basis.

8) Add a guest book. Visitors will come to your site and leave their comment about your business and website and to list their signature file.

4 Things to Avoid When Making Money from a Website


When you just started out a website to profit online with AdSense, affilite programs or your own developed products. It is important to know that there are certain things you should avoid doing them as they aren't working most of the time. And If you involve in these things, they could get yourself into trouble and causing you lose money.

First Thing to Avoid: Spamming
There are many types of spamming and the most widely recognized form of spam is email spam. Email spam happens when someone is sending an ad message to other email addresses (usually massive numbers of email addresses) that the receivers have not elected to receive email from the sender. Email spamming never works but still there are plenty of online business owners doing it without aware that it could ruin their reputation. Furthermore, spamming is illegal in US. If a person get caught, he or she will be fined.

Other type of spams to avoid include newsgroup and forum spam, spam in blogs, instance messaging spam and many more.

Second Thing to Avoid: Buying Traffic from Traffic Sellers
Have you came across websites promising a good amount of targeted traffic for a reasonably low price? Watch out these websites as most of them (if not all of them) didn't actually send you real visitors, they are using software to generate fake traffic. And buying these traffic can get your AdSense account banned by Google.

Third Thing to Avoid: Using Safelist Mailing Services
Safelist mailing service is a free or paid service that allow you to promote your business and website by emailing your ad message to a long list of opt-in email addresses without getting involved in spam complain. Many safelist mailing services are legal and ethical but unfortunately most of them aren't generating result. Most of the receivers don't open promotional emails as they have got too many promotional emails that they have not time to read all of them. Also they don't read email that they aren't interested.

Fourth Thing to Avoid: Buying Products that are too Good to be True
You may need to read some paid Internet marketing e-books and buy a number of tools and software for your online business growth. You search around the Internet to find the products you are looking for and then you read their online sales website, they claim that the products can skyrocket your traffic and earning within a short period of time. Wow...... sound too good to be true. You shouldn't take their words easily and buy from them immediately because there are many dishonest Internet marketing products sellers out there.

Before buying any product, it is always good to do some searches in search engines to find out other people comments and reviews on the product. This give you an idea of the quality and usefulness of the product and help you decide whether it's worth buying it.

Make Money Online by Uploading Your Document to Oboulo.com...


There is a site that people can submit their own document and earn cash. The site is Oboulo.com. Anyone can join Oboulo.com to upload and publish document on Oboulo'sknowledge network.

If you have any unused documents saved in the hard drive of your computer, you can upload them to Oboulo.com and make some money. Oboulo accepts any topic of document. The published documents are divided into 30 topics. If you submitted a topic that doesn't fit in any of the existing topics, they will create one specifically for your document.

You will be paid $10 for each published document on Oboulo knowledge database. The document publication isn't immediate. All your submitted documents will be reviewed first before publication. After your document was reviewed and approved, Oboulo will publish it and pay you $10.

What kinds of documents Oboulo is looking for?

They are interested to post documents like reports, term papers, case study, market analysis etc. They don't publish personal pages, websites or video content. The document needs to be original (not copied from other material) and it must be long enough - between 5 to 20 pages.

If you like to learn more about this opportunities, visit:


They provided some helpful tips to increase the chances of authors' document to get accepted. And if you have any questions, you may go to their FAQ pages; you might find your answer there.

Make Money Online with CashCrate......


If you are looking to make money online and you want to start making money right away, then you should look into CashCrate. CashCrate offers a very simple way to start earning money within a few minutes. Once you sign up for the website, you can fill out trial offers for money, most these offers pay between .25 cents and $1.50 – but there are higher paying offers that can pay upwards of $15 to $25.

To some people this might seem like chump change, but these trial offers are very simple and most of them can be completed in 1-3 minutes. There are people earning $20 - $25 per hour in supplemental income from CashCrate.

Just think, if you are at your desk at work and you have ten free minutes, you can complete 3 or 4 offers on CashCrate and literally increase your hourly wage by $3 to $5 per hour!

These offers are free to complete and there is no cost to join CashCrate. The best part about CashCrate is their referral program, you can refer as many people as you like and you get paid a percentage of their earnings! Not only that, you also get a second level referral payments from people who your invitees refer.

We all know that there are tons of scams online that promise to make you rich overnight. Well, I am here to tell you that CashCrate will not make you rich, but if you want to put some extra spending cash in your pocket in this tough economy, then CashCrate is the answer you have been looking for.

You can visit CashCrate’s website here: CashCrate

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I am now looking for guest writers to contribute content to this blog. Anyone can submit guest post for publication on this blog. As long as the post is relevant to the topics of Earn Money Online , I will accept and publish it here.

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How To Make Your Blog Post Sticky And Readers Stay For Hour?


As we know, most of the readers are coming to our blog to get some information that they're looking for but not coming to hang around. Sometimes, they get the info in one post and they leave. So, how to make your blog post sticky and make your readers stay for more than a minute or more? In order to earn money online, you need traffic. There are a few little tips that might helps to make your blog post sticky and gain more traffic:

1) Put Your RSS Feed Subscribe Higher
You should promote your RSS Feed or newsletter, ask your readers and friends to subscribe your newsletter online. This is a way to make them will come back your blog and read your latest blog post. You should provide several subscribe options for your readers to increase the chance that a visitor will subscribe your blog.

2) Interlink Your Blog Post
This is what everyone and I will do. Everytime we write a new blog post, try to seek a relevant post to link to within your new blog post. Let say if a reader is reading a post about 'How To Make Money Online' and you inserted a relevant blog post link about 'Make Money Online With Affiliate', they might click the relevant post link to read more as well after finished reading the first post about how to make money online. With that said, they will stay for another minute to read another post on your blog, if your another blog post has other related information link within it, your reader will be reading all over and over again.

3) Response To Every Single Comment From Readers
It's to build good relationship with your readers, never act like a superstar and never replied to any comment. This is what I'm practicing in every of my blog post. Once your readers like your attitude and character, they will be more likely to visit your blog again.

4) Focus on Your Niche
Not only we should make our blog post sticky but our blog as well, try to only focus on a specific or single niche. This is the basic tips to make your blog post sticky. If you're writing many different niche, says you have 1 post each in categories like 'make money online', 'food', 'technology' and etc, when a reader is looking for food post, they will only read the only 1 post about food and then leave.

5) Create Archive Page
This is a must for a blog, whenever your readers want to search for something in your blog but they forget when you post it, Archives page might help your readers to seek for the blog post.

By following this 5 simple tips, you might be able to make your blog post more stickier. I will be more likely to hear your other tips on how to make your blog post more stickier too.