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Get Paid To Search : Make Some Extra Money......


1.HomePages Friends - myhpf.co.uk

HomePages Friends (previously known as My Search Funds) is a paid search engine site which uses Yahoo. Once you sign up with them, you will get paid £0.01 (or $0.02 USD) for every search you do using Yahoo. You can potentially earn more if you introduce users to the site since you will get paid a commission of their earnings, this works exponentially up to 3 levels.

They have a calculator for determining how much you can earn here. Currently, there is a cap of 100 searches a day. HomePages Friends splits it's earnings with the users 50/50. Out of all the paid search engines, this has the highest payout but it only works if you search with Yahoo.

2.Scour - scour.com

Scour is another paid search engine which launched in July. The site allows users to enter a search term and it will display Google, Yahoo and MSN results on one page. This is pretty handy if you're looking for something specific and the best thing is you can get paid to search on all three search engines. Users also get paid by commenting and voting on search results. It tallies up your payment on a points system with 26 points equalling $0.01.

The disadvantage is that it has a low pay rate at $0.01.

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