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Post Title Plays Vital Role To Increase Blog Traffic........

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In Make Money Blogging sphere, we need 3 simple things : Traffic,Traffic and Traffic ! Search Engine traffic is very important for a blog like me. In order to make money blogging, I work hard for SEO to get into a first page of all searching with my keyword. There are a few of keyword optimization tips out there, but in this entry, I only cover one simple tip to get search engine traffic.

Other than choosing the right keyword, you may also need to do well in on page optimization. So here is another tip to improve your search engine ranking.

1) Through your Post Title :-Search Engine- Everytime I write an blog entry, I finish my blog entry, I re-read and get a post title for my entry. To get your post title, you have to think what keyword you have to optimize in your post title so that people can easily search for it.

You can simply check all my post title, that’s the keyword i would like to optimize, that’s the keyword i want people to search for. If you are good in titling your blog entry, you are good in Make Money Blogging too!

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