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4 Things to Avoid When Making Money from a Website


When you just started out a website to profit online with AdSense, affilite programs or your own developed products. It is important to know that there are certain things you should avoid doing them as they aren't working most of the time. And If you involve in these things, they could get yourself into trouble and causing you lose money.

First Thing to Avoid: Spamming
There are many types of spamming and the most widely recognized form of spam is email spam. Email spam happens when someone is sending an ad message to other email addresses (usually massive numbers of email addresses) that the receivers have not elected to receive email from the sender. Email spamming never works but still there are plenty of online business owners doing it without aware that it could ruin their reputation. Furthermore, spamming is illegal in US. If a person get caught, he or she will be fined.

Other type of spams to avoid include newsgroup and forum spam, spam in blogs, instance messaging spam and many more.

Second Thing to Avoid: Buying Traffic from Traffic Sellers
Have you came across websites promising a good amount of targeted traffic for a reasonably low price? Watch out these websites as most of them (if not all of them) didn't actually send you real visitors, they are using software to generate fake traffic. And buying these traffic can get your AdSense account banned by Google.

Third Thing to Avoid: Using Safelist Mailing Services
Safelist mailing service is a free or paid service that allow you to promote your business and website by emailing your ad message to a long list of opt-in email addresses without getting involved in spam complain. Many safelist mailing services are legal and ethical but unfortunately most of them aren't generating result. Most of the receivers don't open promotional emails as they have got too many promotional emails that they have not time to read all of them. Also they don't read email that they aren't interested.

Fourth Thing to Avoid: Buying Products that are too Good to be True
You may need to read some paid Internet marketing e-books and buy a number of tools and software for your online business growth. You search around the Internet to find the products you are looking for and then you read their online sales website, they claim that the products can skyrocket your traffic and earning within a short period of time. Wow...... sound too good to be true. You shouldn't take their words easily and buy from them immediately because there are many dishonest Internet marketing products sellers out there.

Before buying any product, it is always good to do some searches in search engines to find out other people comments and reviews on the product. This give you an idea of the quality and usefulness of the product and help you decide whether it's worth buying it.

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