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Follow These 8 Tips To Get Visitors Return Back......


You have spend a lot of energy and time to drive targeted visitors to your website. And as a result, you get a good amount of website's visitors daily. But later you discover that most of the visitors don't come back to your website and then you are thinking about how to attract visitors return to your website often.

If you are selling something, each visitor to your site is a potential customer. They don't buy on their first visit but they might decide to buy from you on their second or third visits. If you are monetize your website or blog with AdSense, CPA ads, CPM ads or affiliate programs; getting a good percentage of returned visitors will definitely help maintaining and increasing your traffic level and your website revenue.

So how to make sure many of your visitors come back to your site time and time again? Here are some of things you can do:

1) Add new and fresh content to your site frequently. You can have a section on your home page like 'What's New', 'What's Top' or 'What's Hot' section and update this section on a daily basis. This give your targeted visitors a reason to visit your site again.

2) Offer freebies. You can create a section in your website to allow your targeted visitors to download free e-books, reports, tools and software they are interested in.

3) Add a Community forum to your website. Many website visitors like communication and discussion. You forum can be a place for visitors to come back often to participate in discussion and search for new info.

4) Install an article directory to your website to publish the latest articles of your niche. People who like to read may return to your site to find new articles.

5) Create a classified section to let visitors to post free ads. This can be a way to maintain your traffic level.

6) Optimize your website or template for faster speed of navigation. Many people don't like to wait too long for a website to load up. So the faster you can make your pages load up, the better chance your visitor will stay on your website and also return.

7) Offer free entertainment. You can add games, interesting video and audio to your website. To keep your visitors return often, you need to update your games (add new game), video and audio content on a regular basis.

8) Add a guest book. Visitors will come to your site and leave their comment about your business and website and to list their signature file.

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