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Get Paid To Post Forums : Surely gonna make you money.....


There are so many reasons why you should browse through forum boards and start posting what you can contribute to those forums’ content. Aside from the wide variety of information that you can get from these forums, you can make money from them, too.

Here are four get-paid-to-post forums that can get you started on making money online just by sharing some bits of advice or asking.

1. MyLot.com

Mylot Get Paid to Post on Forums Program

There have been various reports of myLot users spending hours of their time on myLot enjoying the posts that are found in the site. It can be so addicting because of the useful and functional information one can get just by reading from the posts that have been distributed by users all over the world. As a member of this forum board, one can join the last discussions on blog postings and current news that are tailored specifically to their interests as well as their personal experiences. But the best part of it all is that they can make money just by contributing. The referral program of this get-paid-to-post opportunity is what keeps the users more revved up in participating.

2. TalkOnLinePoker.com


The domain name of this site is a give-away. Here, users talk everything about poker. Therefore poker enthusiasts can earn just by contributing to this site. As a guest, you can view the board to get information. As a user, you can earn money just by posting anything about poker.

You get 5 cents for each post. Once you contributed 200 posts, you get an account of $10. Once you get to 500 posts, you earn 10 cents for every posts.

3. PaidForum.Net


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5. PaidPosting.Net

PaidPosting Make Money Posting on Forums

This is a service that offers paid posting jobs from their clients with forums requiring posts. Apply here.

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