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Choose a right niche to make money online!!!


By: Suresh Khanal

“You don’t know everything, neither what you know is known to all”. Here comes the existence of niche. You can not attempt to cover all aspects of world for your business nor can you digest it. Look deeper into yourself and choose only one particular topic on which you are good enough to sell it. In this article I want to discuss the way of choosing a right niche for you and how you can be successful in that niche.

First thing, don’t choose general and high competitive niche such as “how to make money online”. Where there is lot of competitions of sellers, it’s advantageous to the buyers and you hardly get a small share of market if any. Lot more, you can make money online in other niches for you than these high competitive ones.

Second, look at your personal talents, your hobbies; this is where you need to start. It is not about your current job but what you do on your free time, the thing that is your passion.

“What do you do in your free time when no one else is around? Are you good at video games? Are you a good cook? Do you play any sports? Do you throw dinner parties? Do you collect anything? Can you play an instrument? What is your passion? When you can answer this... then you know what your niche is.”

- Russell Brunson editor of conqueryourniche newsletter

Third, make some research on your niche. Find answers for the questions like how many people are searching for you niche in search engines like google, yahoo, and msn? Are there any online communities that share the interest as your niche is? Are there any other product already existing as your niche is subjected?

You can check for the search volumes with some free tools in the internet such as Google’s keyword tool or inventory.overture.com. If you find higher search volumes, it’s good to you. You can search for your communities in forums, boards and groups. Make some Google searches like forum, board, group. Join those forums and groups with highest members and participate in the community. This is the place where you can easily promote your product. If you find some other product already existing related to your niche, it’s good. Relieved; there is some life. Buy their product and study your competition.
If you are able to choose right niche you can make a lot of money online.

Author Bio:
Author Bio : Author of this article is writing at his website What's Happening in Computers and Internet?

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