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Rejected From Affiliate Networks?? Learn to accepted easily from them...


We all know affiliate programs are the best way to earn extra money online. But one problem is beginners always rejected from those programs. If you’re new to Affiliate marketing and want to be accepted by affiliate networks then you need to follow some simple tips to get approved.

Step 1. Complete the entire application. Do not skip any sections. If a section does not apply to you simply type N/A (Not Applicable). Incomplete applications are one of the main reasons CPA offer applications are denied.

Step 2. The CPA affiliate manager may have additional questions regarding your application to join their affiliate network. You may receive a follow up call from the CPA affiliate manager. Answer the phone. Applications have been denied because additional information was needed by the CPA manager and the individual did not respond to the email or phone call. The application is considered incomplete. If you miss the call I recommend calling the CPA affiliate manager directly.

Step 3. Make sure you have a professional website, blog and email account. Do not use free websites or email accounts. You must own the website. Use the email address provided by your website domain provider (yourname@yourdomainname.com). Your website or blog must be organized and contain relevant content. Take some time to think about the topic of your blog or website. There are several free resources you can use as templates for blogs and website. Use article directories to obtain content for your website. CPA directories tend to deny websites or blogs that simply look generic and provide no relevant content.

Step 4. Be Professional. Turn the television or radio off. Refrain from participating in other conversations while on the phone with the CPA manager. If you are in a room where other conversations are taking place politely ask the Affiliate manager to hold and move to another room. You may also want to have a pen and paper available to take notes.

Step 5. Be clear and concise on how you plan to market the CPA offers. The CPA manager is looking for individuals who can bring quality traffic to their offers. Outline in detail how you plan to drive traffic to the offers: email marketing, video marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC), blog, etc. If you chose to use PPC inform the affiliate manager that you will be using PPC direct linking or direct to merchant pay per clicks and your website will not be an issue. This simply means that your PPC campaign will be sent directly to the affiliate offer.

I think by following these tips you will surely accepted by the affiliate networks. If You Have Any Questions Please Comment Here.......

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