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Earn from affiliates without blog or website!!!


Affiliate marketing is best way to make extra money online. There are options available to promote your affiliate products. You can choose to promote affiliate products with a website or without a website. There are many ways to get started as an affiliate. So here i discuss some ways of promoting your product without website or a blog.
1.E-mail marketing

This is method where you do not need a website but you can promote your affiliate links. People can click through your e-mail and will be redirected to the merchant’s website. The e-mails you are sending should contain the needed introduction information. This should promote the products or services. These e-mails should be interesting and brief. It is important to expand the distribution list. Use many methods you can to get the e-mail addresses of new people. Use online forums, chat with people and try to make new friends. It is good not to send e-mails to people who do not know or who do not want to receive e-mails from you. If they filter the inbox you will lose contacts. Like I said the e-mails should be interesting and attention grabbing.

2.Offline promotion

You can use offline promotion such as classified ads, flyers. The classified ads are the best because it has a large exposure. It will reach lots of people.

3.Writing free e-books

This is kind of like e-mail marketing, but in this case you can write e-books and send to the e-mail addresses. It should be informative and interesting. It should be easy to read and must offer valuable information to the readers. The topic should be relevant to the affiliate product you are promoting. Insert the affiliate links into the e-book. Once the link is clicked it should redirect the readers to the merchant’s website.

4.Writing in Forums

Get online and search for some forums. Sign up with at least three and enter the discussion area which is most crowded. Ask questions? And give answers to the questions people would like to know. Do not insert the affiliate link in the post but put the affiliate link as the signature.
At the time you are an active member you will get traffic from these forums.

5.Writing articles

Writing articles is a great method to get traffic to the affiliate links. Once you write informative texts with the affiliate link inserted in it. People will visit through the article directory your affiliate links. If the visitor amount is large of the article directory you will get enough traffic to your affiliate links.

These are only some tips but i recommend you to have a website or blog. This will help to earn more money than without website or blog. If you have any questions or suggestions please comment here...

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