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Very New Get Paid To Post Forum


"We Pay You" is very new get paid to post forum.
I have posted FAQS of that forum.

1.What is "We Pay You"?
= "We Pay You" is the new get paid to post forum where you can earn for posting and reffering users.

2.How much and when will I paid?
= 0.02$ per post
0.20$ per refferal
0.20$ sign up bonus
Minimum cashout = 10$ [with is 24 hours]
We pay you at your paypal account.

3. Which link should I use to refer more users?
= You can check your profile to get your referal link.

You will surely gonna paid if you use this forum so try it guys. Join Now For Free!!! Get 0.20$ Sign Bonus.

Top Get Paid To Click Websites Which Really Pays...

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SvBux - Simplicity And Innovativeness!


These are the some PTC websites . I will be adding more and more so keep visiting this post and i will also add payment proofs from those PTC sites after some time. So register for free earn money online just for clicking some ads.

Article Marketing Is The No. One Source Of Traffic For Newbie


The biggest problem with getting traffic to your website is there is so many options that it can be hard to figure out which source is right for you. In this article I want to show you exactly which source of traffic you should be focusing on right now.

#1 Source Of Traffic You Need Right Now...

If you are just starting out and trying to figure out which channel to use to drive visitors to your website then you should start with article marketing.

The reason is that you can get a lot of people coming to your site right away & it is very cheap to get started with. The problem with AdWords and other sources of traffic is that you have to spend money before you make money.

With articles you don't have to spend money until you start making money.

What you can do is get a bunch of articles out there getting you traffic so you can test your system to make sure it is profitable. Once you get it up and profitable you can then use that profit to buy traffic from other sources and channels.

The biggest mistake that people make is that they will try and get a lot of traffic and not have a system in place to make money from that traffic.

With article traffic, you can get it for free and then focus on building your system so it is massively profitable. Then you can take your profit and invest it in other sources.