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Why backlinks are important for SEO???


In the world of Search Engine Optimization, one of the most important factors is sites that are linking to your website. For example, if there are 100 sites linking to your site, search engines see that as your site having some value. With the value and presence of your site on other sites you are seen as an authoritative site and your rankings begin to improve on search engines.

Now, people think any old back link is good for your site. While this is true there is one important factor that people sometimes miss, having the anchor include your keyword. For example if you have a site about the Nintendo Wii and you are selling the actual product, you may want the anchor of your text link to read "cheap nintendo wii". With a lot of incoming links with that anchor, search engines think that your site is very relevant to those keywords and they begin to rank you higher and higher for that specific phrase as you continuously build more links.

Finally, there are many different ways people build back links, such as directory submissions, blog commenting, buying direct links, and more. When building back links be very careful because too many links too fast will also be seen as harmful to your site because of search engines thinking you are spamming the internet with your website. To avoid this, it is recommended to join some sort of link exchange network where systems build links for you. The systems are supposed to take into account the fact that the speed of link building is very important in link development.

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