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Tips to make your blog more attractive ................


There are millions upon millions of marginal blogs at this internet world and we know content is the main player for increment of traffic which leads to the chance of money making online more and greater.But if you have good content but your blog seems more attractive then it also plays main role to stay visitors at your blog for long time.So If you are thinking seriously to make money online then you have to make your blog more stylish and attractive.So here i will provide you some tips to attract more visitors to your blog.

1) Your site should be easy to navigate and intuitive for the user. Keep your links up top, or along the sidebar. Don't assume your visitor knows where to go or what to do. Make your design like a guiding hand.

2) Keep your site clean of clutter. Simple navigation and a clean site can make any blog look infinitely better. If you walked into a business with stuff falling from every shelf, you would probably walk right out. Blog design is no different.

3) Learn the basic principles of color theory for your design. Certain color combinations = no no no. If you see a site using colors you like, you can use a color picking tool to find out what the colors are and implement them in your own design.

4) Don't use giant honking graphics when a smaller graphic will do. Exceptions can be made when your site is centered around images, in which case, your readers will know what to expect. For everyone else, though, make your post images clickable so people readers can choose if they want to see the larger image.

5) When it comes to monetizing your blog, nothing can make a site look more blighted than a ton of ads! It's the internet equivalent of a highway littered with billboards. Eventually your readers will either tune them or you out. Find the right mix for your readership between ads and content. If you aren't making much money on the ads, you should probably consider going without ads and find another way to earn revenue.

This Much For Today. See you soon. Till then take care. Have a great time. ByeBye.......

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