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Get Paid For Searching Like As Usual........


Recently I found a new site that pays you just for browsing. I tried it and find it really a great one. It simple pays 0.01 $ per minute if you browse net through this site. Its very simple.

Click Here To Join

1. Click the above link and join the site.

2. After joininglog into using your id and password.

3. On the right hand side you will find a link "Start" click that.

4. After that you will find "Start Browsing". Click that.

5. Now you will find a page with terms and conditions. Check the check box and start.

6. Now you will find a page having yahoo search engine. You have to search any site you want to browse using that only.


Remember that dont just close the browser. Click "Close Browser and Stop Browsing" all the time you closes. If you are inactive for 1 monute your browser time and amount will automatically be saved and to start again you have to start browsing again.

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