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Bukisa - Earn Money Online from Articles


Bukisa is new content providing website that provides you with an opportunity to earn residual income based on per page view basis for your articles. Their slogan is Share your Knowledge and earn money. "Bukisa" is Zulu word for "Display". Bukisa is a knowledge sharing website with an added advantage to earn money online. You can write articles on wide variety of topics. Bukisa offers 24 categories right now in which you can submit your articles and expect more to be added in future. In addition to articles you can earn money from video, audio, photos and slide presentations.

Bukisa has founded a unique way to determine how much you are paid per 1000 page views. This is called "Bukisa index". If Bukisa index is 4.20 this means that for every 1000 unique views of your articles you will earn $4.20. Bukisa index is reviewed every month and can increase or decrease based on the earning of Bukisa.com.

The key to getting more page views is to write informative, high quality content useful to others. you can submit How-to, educational, instructional, creative, reviews and content that teaches new knowledge and skills. Just be sure whatever your submit is your own creativity. You can also submit your content that is already published on other websites.

Writers also earn money by referral sign ups. These writers add up into your personal network and when they submit content you earn a 25% percent of your total network earning.

The minimum payout is a little high at $50 and is paid through PayPal, so you can earn money from Bukisa from anywhere in the world.

Join this unique revenue sharing model called Bukisa.com

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