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How To Make Money By Blog Commenting.................


While many of you will be surprised after reading this, but there are many people who are making money by blog commenting. If you want to learn how to make money by blog commenting, then please read forward. Well the basic logic behind it is: Webmasters and Bloggers pay people for commenting on blogs to get them traffic and/or backlinks. You must be knowing about the dofollow commenting craze. Well getting a few of those dofollow comments to people would actually pay you off.

A better way of making money by blog commenting would be to break it up into smaller tasks and doing the work systematically. Basically we need to do three things:
1) Make up a big list of dofollow blogs (at least 100)
2) Find your market
3) Create smooth functionality and Make Money

Make up a big list of dofollow blogs

First of all you need to gather as many dofollow blogs as possible. You can check the list of dofollow blogs and get almost all of the dofollow blogs out there. To avoid problems in the future you can check out the blogs to see if there are any blogs which are not supporting do-follow anymore so that you don't waste time at a later time and modify it the way you want. Now save them and make sure they are accessible to you whenever you want.

Find you Market

I will usually recommend Digitalpoint or Sitepoint for this purpose, although any webmaster forum would work well. It is advisable to keep your eyes open for customers on at least 10-15 forums because diversifying will increase your target customers. Next, you can also send general emails to webmasters whom you think might be interested in your service, this will usually get you some positive replies for people interested in your services.

Create smooth functionality and Make Money

One thing that will be quite clear is that you will not make a lot of money with individual comments and hence you'll need to make your work very smooth in order to make some real money by commenting. That is, you'll sell comments in multiples of 5 and 10 like 10, 15, 20. You might fix your rates on something like this:

-$6 per 5 dofollow comments.
-Get 5 free do-follow comments if order is more than 50 comments.
-Get 15 free comment if order is more than 100 comments.

That deal is fair enough and you can easily attract quite a lot of webmasters. Usually one comment should not take longer than 3 minutes to write, so let's have a break-down of potential earnings considering we get an order of about 50 comments a day:

-Money earned -> $6x10 = $60.
-Time taken -> 3x50 = 2 hours 30 minutes.
-Pay rate -> $24 per hour.

Not bad eh? Also note that comments can be written in less than 2 minutes and your orders will only increase with time hence making you even more money. The potential is in front of you, and it can be adapted to make some easy money which does not involve too much time. But, you will never make any money is your primary commenting service contains even a small part of spam, be human and your service will become more commendable and you will get more orders! More articles on this topic will be posted in the future, so stick around.

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