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Make Money Online by Writing Articles: 5 Ways to Find Clients.............


When you have set to start providing your article service on the Internet, you need to find clients who will pay you to write articles for them. There are several approaches you can take to get clients. Here how:

Job Boards
On the Internet, you can find a lot of job boards. These job boards usually are similar in style to the online message boards, but job boards only list jobs. Job boards can be easily found on the Internet. By visiting Google and entering the search terms 'freelance job boards’, Google will return you a list of job boards in the search result pages. When you visit these freelance job boards, you will find a lot of paid writing opportunities.

Classified Ads
I'm sure you have heard about Craiglist.org. It is probably the biggest and most popular classified advertisements website on the net. In the job ads category of Craiglist, many article writing jobs opportunities were posted. Each writing job ad will give you a description and let you how to apply. Besides Craiglist.org, there are plenty of other classified sites that you can visit and find writing work.

But, one drawback of classified sites is that you are more likely to fall into a scam. Avoid those job ads which require you to pay money to start working.

Bidding Freelance Websites
Bidding freelance websites are increasing in popularity. People often find freelance jobs through these bidding sites. They basically are service websites that allow those who need their works to be outsourced, (like article writing, data entry, etc) to post their project online. Bidders (the service provider) will place a bid on the project that appeals them. There are many new opportunities you can find in the freelance sites and those reputed freelance sites like Guru.com and Elance.com even offer protections to the bidders. The only downside is that you may have to face tough competition in getting a project because a project usually will attract a lot of other service providers to bid on it.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Companies
These companies are specializing in helping other webmasters to get their sites rank first page on search engines. Article writing will play an important role in SEO, so many of these companies will often search for new article writers. They may advertise their offers on the above mentioned job boards, but many also have a ‘write for us section’ or ‘work for us section’ on their website. These sections will tell you how they will reward you for providing your writing service.

One great forum I like to suggest you is the Digital Point Forum. The forum is really good for your article writing business. Under the Buy, Sell or Trade section of the forum, there is a sub-section called Content Creation. In the Content Creation, you can post your article service offer as often as you want. The forum has a lot of active members and gained massive traffic every day. Within a few hours of your offer posted, you may be getting numerous responds from other members requesting more info about your offer.

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